At Bharat Shell every customer is a valuable business partner. Which is why we are totally committed to ensuring that our products and services are perfectly synchronized to meet diverse customer needs. We offer a wide range of high performance, international quality lubricants, tailored to meet the exacting requirements of new generation vehicles. Shell Lubricants are globally recommended by leading vehicle manufacturers. All products are blended from only Shell group approved base oils, and special additive packages, strictly conforming to Shell's global quality control practices and standards- each time, every time.


The Shell Difference at a Glance
  • Certified by the prestigious QS-9000 3rd edition certificate.
  • LQS: ensures globally consistent quality of products.
  • Internationally approved base oil transportation: product integrity
  • Fail-proof control on base oil transportation: product integrity
  • Piggable pipelines: no contamination
  • Quality control on each batch of base oils and additives: ensures quality.
  • Simultaneous metering system blending: right first time blends.
  • FMC manifold: ensures product integrity.
  • Automatic rejection system: no compromise on quality.
  • Atomic absorption spectrophotometer: stringent quality control.
X-ray fluorescence meter: stringent quality control.
Statistical fault analysis: stringent quality control.
LOBP laboratory: quality insurance.
Effluent level at 2PPM: caring for the environment,
V-SAT linked depots: speedy response to customer request.