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Distillate Fuel Engines

Shell Rimula Oils

Shell Rimula oils are quality engine oils for the lubrication of stationary andoff-highway trunk-piston engines operating on distillate fuels. Shell Rimula oils provideshigh cleanliness levels and engine reliability. The Rimula range meets various performancelevels from API CD to CI-4, are available in both monograde and multigrade viscosities andare approved by most OEM's.

Shell Gadinia Oils

Shell Gadinia oils are premium quality diesel engine lubricantsspecially designed for main propulsion and auxiliary marine trunk piston engines burningdistillate fuels. Shell Gadinia oils meets API CF performance classification.

Heavy Fuel Engines

Shell Argina Oils

Shell Argina oils are premium quality lubricants designed for mediumspeed trunk piston diesel engines burning residual fuels. They have had a reputation ofproviding very high standards of engine reliability and cleanliness. The Argina range hasbeen continuously upgraded and extended to keep pace with technical advances, includingmodern designs with ultra-low oil consumption. Shell Argina oils are available in 20, 30,40 and 50 TBN and meets API CF performance classification.

Shell Alexia Oils

Shell Alexia 50 oil is Shell's main cylinder oil for low (slow) speed crossheadengines. It has been recently upgraded to provide excellent cleanliness and load carryingin the latest high output long stroke engines, even operating at 100% load in power plantduty.

Shell Melina Oils

Shell Melina oils are 'system' oils, for the separate crankcase lubrication of lowspeed engines. They are designed for use with Alexia and can work safely with the highlevels of inter-contamination which occur in engines with high boost pressures.

Natural Gas Engines

Shell Mysella Oils

Shell Mysella oils are a wide range of specialist lubricants, from ashless productsthrough to high ash types. They cater for the demands of both 2 and 4 stroke spark-ignitedand dual fuel (pilot fuel) engines. The range includes products designed for both moderateand high oil stress engines, to minimise deposits, detonation and fouling and alsoincludes products able to protect engines running with 'sour' gases, such as sewage and fill gas

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Shell Hydraulic Oils
Shell Tellus Oils

Shell Tellus oils are premium quality, high performance hydraulic oils designed and developed for use in hydraulic systems. They contain advanced additives to provide robust and reliable protection in even the most demanding of hydraulic systems. Benefits include outstanding anti-wear, good water separation and superior filterability performance. Available in ISO VG 32, 46, 68 and 100. 

Shell Hydraulic Oils

Shell Hydraulic oils are general purpose hydraulic oils based on refined petroleum mineral oil based fluids and incorporate additives to control rust and corrosion and minimise oxidation and foaming. Available in ISO VG 32, 46, 68, 100 and 150.

Shell Irus Fluids

Shell Irus is a range of advanced fire resistant hydraulic fluids. They contain powerful additives to enhance their anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation properties and are available in various fire-resistant categories including HFA, HFB, HFC, HFDU and HFDR.

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Shell Gear Oils
Shell Omala Oils

Shell Omala Oils are premium quality, lead-free, extreme pressure oils designed primarily for the lubrication of heavy duty industrial gears. Their high load carrying capacity and anti-friction characteristics combine to offer superior performance in gears and other industrial applications. They are formulated using high viscosity index, solvent refined, base oils and incorporate a special sulphur-phosphorus additive to provide an extreme pressure performance significantly better than that provided by leaded gear oils. Available in ISO VG 68, 100, 150, 220, 320 and 460.

Shell Omala F Oils

Shell Omala F oils are premium quality, lead-free, extreme pressure oils formally approved by Flender AG for use in their gear boxes.

Shell Omala Oils HD

Shell Omala Oils HD are based on the highest quality synthesized hydrocarbon fluids available. These base fluids, combined with specially selected additives, offer a lubrication performance far superior to that of gear oils manufactured from conventional petroleum mineral oils. 

Shell Compressor Oils
Shell Corena Oils P

Shell Corena P is a premium quality reciprocating compressor lubricant. It is based on a blend of Shell XHVI and specially selected base oils to provide a level of performance approaching that of synthetic oils. Benefits include extended service life and good anti-foam and air-release properties.

Shell Corena Oils S

Shell Corena S is a premium quality lubricant developed for the lubrication of rotary sliding vane and screw air compressors. It is based on a blend of high viscosity index, solvent refined base oils and carefully selected additives. Benefits include extended service life and good anti-foam and air-release properties. 

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Shell Grease Lubrication
Shell is the leader in grease technology and also the largest grease manufacturer. We posses up to date and intimate understanding of grease action, permitting us to apply our in depth knowledge to produce grease of varying rheologies to suit specific purposes. The decades of cutting edge R&D have resulted in a range of proven, modern and leading edge greases with outstanding lubrication characteristics.

Shell Alvania Greases

Shell Alvania is a range of high performance greases, ideal for a variety of industrial applications. Choose the right Alvania grade for your bearings operating condition and temperature and enjoy improved shock protection, longer service life and reduced strain and wear on your machinery.

Shell Albida Greases

Shell Albida is a range of high performance lithium complex greases designed to operate under extreme pressure in high temperature environments. Providing excellent anti-corrosion and anti-wear protection, Albida greases can be used in a variety of industrial applications where additional resistance to shock loading is required.

Shell Stamina Greases

Shell Stamina is a range of high-temperature and heavy-duty greases. Stamina offers long-lasting, stable protection and provides optimal bearing lubrication - even at the highest operating temperatures. Stamina greases are available in a wide range to suit the speed and load of your bearings.

Shell Cassida Greases

Shell Cassida is a range of greases designed for the lubrication of bearings in machines used for food processing and packing. Shell Cassida range meets the high standards for lubricants used in applications where there is a risk of incidental food contact - including those of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Category H1 products and the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). 

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Shell Bearing Oils
Shell Morlina Oils

Shell Morlina is a range of lubricants for a wide variety of applications. The lower viscosity oils (ISO VG 10) can be used as advanced spindle oils. The higher viscosity grades are premium quality, heavy duty, bearing and circulating oils.

Shell Vitrea M Oils

Shell Vitrea Oils M are industrial bearing and circulating oils blended from HVI, solvent refined, paraffinic mineral oils for the lubrication of heavy duty industrial bearings and circulating systems. Meets Morgan Construction Company performance specifications for - Morgoil roll neck bearings. Available in ISO VG 100, 150, 220, 320, 460 and 680. 

Shell Refrigerator Compressor Oils
Shell Clavus Oils

Shell Clavus is a highly refined naphthenic mineral oil with excellent low temperature properties. Performance features include high film strength, high chemical stability, special flow properties, low floc point and good thermal stability.

Shell Clavus range also includes R134a compatible synthetic refrigerator compressor oils. 

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Shell Metal Working Fluids
The cutting or metal working fluid plays a critical part in metal removal or forming operations. It has two main functions. The first is that of cooling both the work piece and cutting tool, to conduct heat away from the cutting and forming areas to prolong tool life and prevent unwanted metallurgical changes or cracking of the workpiece or cutting tool. The second function is that of lubrication, to reduce friction between forming tool and workpiece or between chip and cutting tool. This reduces heat generation and the energy involved in the process, and again improves tool life and surface finish.

With increasing demands for improved productivity and quality from modern production engineering operations, higher and higher performance levels are expected from metal working fluids. At Shell, we have concentrated on efforts on maximising tool life and achieving consistently high standards of surface finish, to reduce downtime and maintenance costs and to increase productivity and achieve optimum quality.

Correct maintenance of fluid is as important as the selection of fluid for system. We help you adopt a planned program for receiving, storing and using cutting fluids to help ensure better management of the fluid sump through advice and help in

a. Correct storage of fluid

b. Optimum stock control

c. Regular sample checks

d. Proper sump cleaning procedures

e. In case of soluble oils, start from input water quality

f. Proper filling, topping up and maintenance procedure

We offer a comprehensive range of products and services for metal working operations:

Soluble Cutting Fluids

Shell Lubricool Fluids

Shell Lubricool Fluids are designed to exceed the rigorous demands of today's manufacturing requirements. This new range of water miscible cutting and grinding fluids have been developed using the latest in biostable and additive technology for extended sump life, low maintenance and cost effectiveness. Lubricool products have excellent tramp oil rejection properties. They are environment and operator friendly and help maintain a clean working environment. Shell Lubricool Fluids are color coded for easy selection of products for use in different operations.

Shell Lubricool Blue

Semi synthetic and biostable, forms a stable translucent blue emulsion. Recommended for use in CNC machines and for turning, milling, drilling and grinding applications.

Shell Lubricool Green SS

Semi synthetic, biostable and low oil content soluble oil. Forms a stable, translucent emulsion. Recommended for grinding and machining operations.

Shell Lubricool White

Semi synthetic and biostable, forms a stable milky white emulsion. It has been specifically developed for machining aluminum and its alloys in high performance machining applications, giving excellent surface finish and dimensional accuracy.

Shell Lubricool Green

Fully synthetic and biostable, forms a fluorescent green transparent solution. Recommended for grinding applications.

Shell Lubricool Red

Semi synthetic, EP type and biostable, forms stable translucent red emulsion. Used for difficult machining operations.

Shell Dromus B

Premium conventional mineral oil with biocides, forms a stable milky emulsion. It is multifunctional and is widely used for aluminum machining.

Shell Supercutplus

General purpose conventional mineral oil with biocides. Offers longer sump life as compared to similar products.

Neat Cutting Oils

Shell Macron Oils

Premium quality oils based on hydrotreated mineral oil with a low aromatic content. A well balanced combination of polar, mild extreme pressure and antiwear additives provide good lubricity and cutting performance. They are designed for mild, medium and severe machining operations on a variety of ferrous, light and yellow metals.

Shell Garia Oils

Premium quality oils based on hydrotreated mineral oils with low aromatic content. They are designed for medium to severe machining on a variety of metals.

Shell Honex Oils

Operator and environment friendly, low viscosity, chlorine free honing oils with low aromatic base oil.

Shell Machinemax Oils

Neat cutting oils for various machining operations like broaching, deep hole drilling, nut forming, grinding, turning, milling and gear cutting.

Shell Multitool Oils

Environment friendly neat oils for gear cutting operations.

Shell Drawmax

Drawing compound for automotive pressings.

Services for Metal Working Operations

We offer the comprehensive services for optimising the metal working operations.

1. Shop Audit

2. Customer Training

3. Guide to Planned Program

4. Coolant Management Services

5. Coolant management Kits

6. Total Fluid Management

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Shell Food Grade Lubricants
Shell Cassida Lubricants

Shell offers a fully approved and recognised range of food quality lubricants. Shell Cassida range meets the high standards for lubricants used in applications where there is a risk of incidental food contact - including those of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Category H1 products and the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Shell Cassida range includes both oils and greases. 

Shell Thermic Fluids
Shell Thermia Oils

Shell Thermia Oils are low viscosity heat transfer fluids carefully selected from solvent refined, high viscosity index mineral oils chosen for their ability to provide superior performance in indirect closed fluid heat transfer systems operating at a wide range of bulk temperatures. 

Shell Electrical Oils
Shell Diala Oils

Shell Diala is an extensive range of transformer and switchgear oils for a variety of duties and complies with US, European and international specifications. Both inhibited and non-inhibited, and both gas-absorbing and gas-evolving product types are available.

Shell Powermax Oils

Shell Powermax Oil SF is a top-of-the range non-inhibited insulating oil manufactured from specially refined naphthenic base stock. It offers very high oxidation stability, good dielectric strength & excellent low temperature properties without the use of pour point depressants. Shell Powermax SF is suitable for use in transformers, capacitors, oil filled switches and cables and as insulator and arc extinguishing agent in switchgear and circuit breakers. Meets IS 335 and IEC 296 Class-I specifications. 

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